Monday, 4 March 2013

Shri Badrinath Ji

Shri Badrinath ji temple in Uttarakhand
Shri Badrinath Ji is one the holiest temples in India. And it is also one of the four Dhams in India and most important Dham from all the’ and ‘Narayan’ mountains ranges. The town is located at the altitude of 10350 Ft. from the sea level and the bank of Great River Alaknanda. The Main attraction of Badrinath town is “Shri Badrinath temple”. It is dedicated to Lord Badrinarayan Ji who is also known as lord Vishnu in Hindu Religion. The temple was created or made by Kings of Garhwal between two centuries ago. Lord Vishnu is represented here in a meditative posture and shows relation between Nar and Narayan.
According to legend, the temple was originally created by Adi Guru Sankaracharya which is also renovated many times after its establishment. And according some myths the temple was created by Pandavas when they were going for Swargarohini Satopanth Yatra.

Badrinath is also one of the five Badrish. And the other four Badris are Yogdhyan Badri, Adi-Badri, Vridha Badri and Bhavishya Badri.

Places of Interest in Badrinath:-

The Tapt kund: - The Tapt kund is kund (Small Lake of water) of the natural thermal water. Which is comes from the Alaknanda River and snow peaks. Everyone can easily take bath on that water. And if you are put some packed rice by plastic and a cloth piece on the kund for some time they you will get cooked rice.
Mana Village: - Just 3 Kms. Far from the Badrinath town. The mana village is the last village of the India after that the Himalaya mountains ranges is start and it is neared by China Border.
The other interest things are Bhimshila, The source place of the river Alaknanda and many others.
The Climate of Badrinath is always good for travelers and tourists because everyone can get here cold place in summer days.

How to Reach: -

By Road: - Badrinath is well connected by Roads from other cities.
By Trains: - The nearest Train station is Rishikesh and the distance is 300 kms.
By Air: - The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun, Distance is 315 kms.
Accommodation for tourist: - you can easily take Hotels, Lodges, Guest Houses, and Dharamshala with some best cost. For Advance booking of Hotels, Lodges, Dharamshala you can also mail to us at: -

Best Time to Visit: - May Month to July Month and Oct to Nov month.

Jay Shri Badrinath……


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