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The Holy Ghats in Haridwar

Haridwar is well known place for Holy city and most sacred places in India. There are many of visitor are visits here every year. Haridwar has many of legendary temples with their many mythical stories. By the legends, when was the holy river Ganga came in Haridwar by the pray of King Bhagirath, then the Goddess Ganga said to him that Haridwar will always become a holy Places and any people who take a bath in the River then the River will wash their all sins. So after that many of Kings are make some beautiful Ghats on the name of Hindus God or Bathing Places in the banks of river. So today I tell you about those Holy Ghats in the Haridwar:-

Har-Ki-Pauri Ghat in Haridwar, Uttarakhand

The Holiest Ghat Har- Ki- Pauri: - Har- Ki- Pauri is one of the holiest Ghats in Haridwar. And the View of Evening Aarti Puja is becomes awesome. Har- ki- pauri is an important place in Haridwar. By the legends, after came of River Ganga in the Haridwar, King Swet do the long pray of God Brahma and God Brahma happy to see his determination then they was said to him for ask anything to get, then the King said them that I want, this place is known by your name in the future, and this place is always been Holiest. Then the god Brahma Ji Said to king that this place is always known by his name and anyone who take a bath in Ganga Ji then they will get a place in Paradise. So then this place is known by BrahmaKund. After long time King Bhartahari (Brother of the Great King Vikramaditya) pray for God here and gets Immortality. And then the King Vikramaditya was made here many Pauries, so after that the Name of the Ghat becomes Har- Ki- Pauri. It is said that at the time of biggest fair Kumbh in Haridwar, bathing in this place wash the all sins of people and Gives them blessing of god.

Gau Ghat: - Gau Ghat is situated at the South side of the Har- Ki- Pauri. It is said that taking a bath in this Ghat the people are relief from the sins of cow Death. So this is also one of the holiest places in Haridwar.

Kushawarta Ghat: - This Ghat is near in the Gau Ghat. This is One another Holiest Ghat is Haridwar. This Ghat was made by Maharani Ahilaya Bai. This place is especially important for Pinda Dan for Ancestors.

Sharwan Nath Ghat: - This Ghat is situated in the South side of Kushawarta Ghat; this Ghat is made in remember of Sharwan Nath Ji. This is also a holiest Ghats in Haridwar. And other Ghats are Ram Ghat and Vishnu Ghat in Haridwar, which have also much importance.

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