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All trains time table Chart from Haridwar

Haridwar is well known place for many sacred places, so all over the year many visitors are come to visit here, and Haridwar is well connected through roads transport and trains. so below i am giving you details of incoming and outgoing trains from Haridwar, i thinks it is help to you to find trains from your route.

All incoming and outgoing Trains from Haridwar:-

From Haridwar To Haridwar
Train No. From Haridwar Time Train No. To Haridwar Time
54476 Haridwar to Delhi 5:15hr 54471 DLI to HW (Passeg.) 2:50
18478 Haridwar to Puri 6:00 19105 Ahemadabad to HW 12:15
19106 HW to Ahemadabad 15:25 14712 Ganganagar to HW 13:35
14711 HW to Ganganagar 14:05 12054 Amritsar to HW 13:55
12053 HW to Amritsar 14:35 14115 Allahabad to HW 14:20
54464 RKS to Bandikui Pass. 15:35 12369 Howrah to HW 16:15
14116 HW to Allahabad 16:20 12911 Balsad to HW 13:15
09639 HW to Ajmer 20:00 12171 Lokmanya tilak to HW 13:15
24848 HW to Jodhpur 19:50 09640 Ajmer to HW 10:40
12370 HW to Howrah 23:55 18477 Puri to HW 20:30
12912 HW to Balsad 18:40 54475 Delhi to HW 21:10
12172 HW to Lokmanya tilak 18:40 54463 Bandikui to RKS 12:50
54485 HW to Rishikesh 17:35
54481 HW to Rishikesh Pass. 5:20
24483 HW to Rishikesh Pass. 10:25

Note: - HW: - Haridwar, RKS: - Rishikesh, DLI: - Delhi, and above given time is in the Hrs.

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