Friday, 12 July 2013

Uttarakhand Calamity 2013

The Various places of Uttarakhand state are suffering from the calamity or the disasters of heavy rain falls. There are so many villages are out of the all the medium of communication and other major things. Many peoples and families are missing in this disaster. Every day they are thinking about how they live in their own areas and their birth places because all the places of hills area are suffering from heavy rain falls, land sliding in everywhere and their houses are sink on the flood water. I am also from a Garhwal village area and I am really very unhappy to see the calamity in my hills area. And we think about those people who are missing all the things in the disasters. How they will make their houses and how they will live again a secure life, like that many questions are arrived in mind about them.

On the flood of Kedarnath, many people are lost their lives. And many have lost their houses, work places, schools and colleges. Many transport roads are breaking into the water and sink in the rivers. We are scared to only think about the calamity but who were suffering from this disaster, how they are lived. But Uttarakhand Govt. has sending their many rescue teams to solve all the problems. And also many other states are also helping. I every day read the news about that many people are dead in the heavy rain falls and many houses are sink in the water. So we can say it is really very bad. So just take your two minutes and pray to God for those peoples.

“Meri is Devbhoomi ko kya ho gaya, lagta hain sara jahan kahi kho gaya,

Kis se kahe apne dukho ko, mera pahad aaj kya se kya ho gaya”

Check here the important helpline numbers of Uttarakhand hills.

Check here the lists of missing peoples in the floods.

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