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Tips While Visiting Char Dham Yatra Uttarakhand

Read the Tips While Going to Char Dham Yatra Uttarakhand:- Char Dham Yatra is only of the holiest trip of Hindu Religion and in Uttarakhand the Char Dham Places are Yamnotri, Gangotri, and Kedarnath & Badrinath Dham. These places are located at the higher altitude in Himalayan Ranges and opens during summer season because of extreme weather condition in winter. If you are making a trip to Char Dham Yatra Uttarakhand, then check out the below given tips, that you should know while going to these places.

  •            First of all the Dhams are located at Higher altitudes more than 10000 ft elevation, so if you have high sickness or any medical problem, you should keep oxygen cylinders with you. The Uttarakhand Govt. is also providing same for seniors citizens if required.
  •           These places are cold during night, so keep warm clothes with you, because the temperature during day will be 25-30 and at night it will go down to 10-15 degree. So it will be good for you to wear warm clothes.
  •       Keep Locations Map with you because you must have mobile GPS with you but in hills there is network failure problem. So if you have Map with you then you can see the location details without any digital system.
  •           Keep Dry fruits, chocolates, wafers with you because it will increase protein in your body. You will get food at every places but not while trekking and between routes while driving.
  •          Keep in mind that driving is not allowed in hills during night time, so make sure that you have already reached to your Hotels or Accommodation before night.
  •          Carry sunscreen, moisturizer, and Cold cream with you.
  •          Do not travel during rainy season, because of lots of land sliding.
  •          Keep primary medical kit with you like Antiseptic, Pain Killers, Antibiotic tablets for cold and fevers.
  •         Alcohol and non-vegetarian food is not permitted while Char Dham Tour.
  • .       Drink boiled water and packaged water only.
  •          Medical emergency contact no is 108, so for any medical emergencies you can contact at this number.          

So we wish you a happy and safe journey for Char Dham Yatra. For any other tips and queries please fill out the form by click the link.



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