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Valley of flowers

Valley of Flowers is known as one of the most beautiful places in India. It is situated in the Chamoli districts of Uttarakhand state at the altitude of 3858 to 3982 mts above from the sea level. Valley of flowers is always a glorious and peaceful place for travelers and visitors. The Valley of flowers was declared as a national park of India on 1982. And it is now become a world heritage site. During the winter it is fully covered by the snow. The valley of flowers is also a home of many wild flowers. It is believed that this place is inhabited by fairies.

Valley of flowers, Uttarakhand

Frank S, Smyth discovered the Valley of Flowers, for the outside world, this enchanting place by chance in 1931. Frank Smyth was also written a book Valley of flowers after visit this place. They feared venturing into the valley, because of the spirits and fairies that were thought to be haunting the beautiful valley. They feared that the spirits would carry them away. More than thousand varieties of flowers, ferns and Himalayan herbs grow in the valley. The most beautiful of all Himalayan flowers, the blue Primula can be seen blooming in thousands in the valley. The Pushpawati River divided this place into two parts and it is also known as Pushpawati national park.

Best Time to Visit: - Every Year Valley of flowers is opened in the month of June and closed on the October Month. So the best time to Visit this place is from Mid June to Mid July and mid sept to till closing date.

How to Reach:-
Trekking Route:-To reach the valley one has to trek from Govind Ghat, on the route to Hemkund Sahib, upto Ghangaria, 13 kms ahead. Few furlongs ahead of Ghangaria the trek route to the valley takes a detour towards left. The valley is about 5 kms from Ghangaria.

By Roads: - Valley of flowers is not connected with roads transport; distance from highway is 19 kms.

By Trains: - Nearest Railway station is Rishikesh, and the distance is approx. 292 kms.

By Air: - Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant Dehradun, and the distance is 312 kms.

Where to stay: - Tourists are not allowed to stay in the Valley of flowers so tourists can take a Guest house in the Ghangaria which is 5 kms far from Valley of flowers.

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